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Author: Paolo Manfredi
Aperto: The art practice as an open process – encounters, exchange and interaction with the surrounding ‘reality’ (what is here often referred to as everyday life) is the interpretative frame of this phase.
The concept lying at the root of ‘openness’ was the perception of art as experience i.e. research – in the end a process which boundaries and possibilities are yet limited by their time, environment, circumstances – a hint of its age, simply put.
Since the art world I had at hand and the trend of artistic conventions it involved lent little to none interest to issues related to research on art, I thought that bypassing it and continuing my work outside would be a better strategy.
Aperto (Italian for ‘open’ – title inspired by Harald Szeemann’s section of the Venice Biennale introduced in 1980) is a decade (1999-2009) of attempts to grasp and make sense of what we know as ‘art’ putting it in relation to a given sociocultural and geographical context.
Aperto contains: objects, few paintings, installations, small texts and documents, pictures, events, actions, curatorial projects.
Delays/Ritardi: Two decades working on tradition in art to find its dysfunctional relationship with everyday life.
TXT/Text: Texts and translations of various length worth to be published. A few of them are connected to curatorial projects of mine.
Zerosuper: This category has no direction, no planning, no imminent goal. Here it is just fun and work; that’s the current decade, the one devoted to avoid making art of any kind.

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