Tingvoll kunsthall / geographic range

[Wednesday 19 November 2014 at 11:52]

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10 år er gått. Tingvoll kunsthall har vært et eventyrlig prosjekt “in the middle of Nowhere”.

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Arv Boxed

Arv, the legacy of our rejected junk, in a box. 2001

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La scala di Giacobbe

Jacob’s Ladder – May 3rd 2007

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Tingvoll kunsthall albums/ 1-SPACE

I 2007 for åtte måneder ble det nedlagte postkontoret i Tingvoll et sentrum for kulturelle oversettelser. Her kan du se noen bilder av gallerirommet.
Tingvoll kunsthall, 1Space

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Pack: Naufragio di pronomi/ 2000

Naufragio di pronomi*, approximately 43X76X12,5cm. Wooden fish crate, zinc white, blue clear coat; the imprints are made by letters from pronouns (io/tu; jeg/du; I/you); spring 2000
naufragio_2 [more+]

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Deliberately Use of the Contents

Delibetately use of the contents may be harmful or even fatal
Variatex characters on groove letter boards, aluminum frame with plexiglass, 60×40,3x4cm/ perhaps 2005 or 2006 or older.

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Print, approx 120×80 cm with margins, 2004

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Arv: the legacy of our rejected junk

An inquiry into everyday life

[In progress…]

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Stranger in a Strange World, 2000

Two events no one has ever seen.
Landing on Earth
Back to Wilderness
Event/ Photo documentation (self-timer capture)
Year: 2000/01
Digitized slides
The events took place on Reitfjellet, Tingvoll, Norway, Autumn 2000/01.
Landing on Earth has been exhibited at .NO-NY (February 2014)

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Gravgaver/ 2005


2. november 2005
Read more here and here

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Physical Exercise/ 2008

August 2008

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Feedback/ 2003

Feedback – 4½ time relativ metafysikk: Å unngå kommunikasjon er en måte å kommunisere på, 2003


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Limite/ 2006

Drawing a line across the landscape may help highlighting a given geographical situation.

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Non ama il nero

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Sellgrens Veveri/ 2007

Machines working at Sellgrens weaving mill in Tingvoll (Norway, 2007), just a while before the factory was downsized and then moved. [more+]

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Digging/ 2007


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1- Chicago, US, 1/9/1971: Gold flake assayed and certified to be pure 24kt. Gold is mixed with clear lacquer for the finishing of Ford Twin 24kt. gold-finished Pintos. The automobiles will make their world premier exclusive showing at Schmerler Ford in -1k Grove Village, Ill.

2- Joinville, Brazil, 3/13/1968: Man struggles on ground beside smashed race car which sits astride curb as spectators scatter in background. At bottom spectators at the “Three Hours of Joinville” race rush to aid friends who were felled by careening cars when a woman ran onto the track to retrieve her dog. Attempting to avoid the woman, one car braked and another car swerved and slammed into the first, hopping the curb and slicing into the crowd. Police reported 4 persons dead and 40 injured, 10 seriously.

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Schwitters Remastered


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Arrivals/ Departures: Exhibition’s Elapse/ 2008


Arrivals/Departures is a discovery journey in the present tense — a world that is constantly changing where people are always heading back and forth somewhere, bringing their supply of memories in a suitcase.

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Picnic storico

Picnic storico, 2007
Picnic storico: 13.25 — the history of humankind told by garbage (2006)

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Where nothing happens and life fades out slowly



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Kunst mellom glemsel og intervensjon/ 2009


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