1- Chicago, US, 1/9/1971: Gold flake assayed and certified to be pure 24kt. Gold is mixed with clear lacquer for the finishing of Ford Twin 24kt. gold-finished Pintos. The automobiles will make their world premier exclusive showing at Schmerler Ford in -1k Grove Village, Ill.

2- Joinville, Brazil, 3/13/1968: Man struggles on ground beside smashed race car which sits astride curb as spectators scatter in background. At bottom spectators at the “Three Hours of Joinville” race rush to aid friends who were felled by careening cars when a woman ran onto the track to retrieve her dog. Attempting to avoid the woman, one car braked and another car swerved and slammed into the first, hopping the curb and slicing into the crowd. Police reported 4 persons dead and 40 injured, 10 seriously.

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Some considerations concerning the blurring of art and life


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Nothing to Lose

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Noli Altum Sapere

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Bispevisitas, Tingvoll 2012


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Auld Kirk, Alloway, Scotia

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Partenza di Stig

La partenza di Stig Sæterbakken (1966-2012)

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3576 — A larger hole

Subsidence caused by water erosion, Zona 2 Ciudad de Guatemala.
Hundimiento por socavación del agua en la Zona 2 de la Ciudad de Guatemala (2010).

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Schwitters Remastered


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Arrivals/ Departures: Exhibition’s Elapse/ 2008


Arrivals/Departures is a discovery journey in the present tense — a world that is constantly changing where people are always heading back and forth somewhere, bringing their supply of memories in a suitcase.

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Picnic storico

Picnic storico, 2007
Picnic storico: 13.25 — the history of humankind told by garbage (2006)

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Category TEXT
Malraux Typewriter Killer

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Where nothing happens and life fades out slowly



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Georg Cantor snakker om uendelige mengder av gjensidig umeddelelige verdener.

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Farvel Stig

Sammen med Stig og barna
Nå kommer vi til å være enda ensommere, og ydmykhet er mangelvare her i verden kjære venn.

Les dette av Stig Sæterbakken:
Å skrive er å uttrykke som forbrytelse, det som ble innsatt som lov

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Kunst mellom glemsel og intervensjon/ 2009


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Il mio oroscopo quotidiano segnava pioggia, neve e grandine con vento. Ho dato un’occhiata fuori della finestra ed era vero.

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La storia dell’arte occidentale raccontata in 71 parole

Mentre l’arte antica racconta storie e avventure, quella del Modernismo ribelle racconta la disavventura di se stessa in un dato contesto storico. Dopo due guerre mondiali, l’Arte Concettuale ritorna con impegno e allegria a raccontare temi complicati. Il Postmodernismo dagli orizzonti aperti, scopre che l’arte è una mitologia individuale.

Oggi l’arte ha chiuso i battenti per insolvenza. Fuori c’è una gran massa di creditori, e tutti cantano lo stesso spartito.

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Parallax Views, January 6-29, 2012

PARALLAX VIEWS, .NO, Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY, January 6-29, 2012


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News from Nowhere*

Tingvoll kunsthall, The Art Space in the Middle of Nowhere (Kunstjournalen B-post nr.1, 2008, Bergen Open)

Bytt ut ordet «geografi» med ordet «kunstverden» eller «kultur», og du vil få en interessant likning.

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la calma è la virtù dei forti

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…but anywhere is the center of the world.

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