Pugno (fist)  is an allegory. The tapestry was made in 2003 at Sellgren Veveri As (weaving mill situated in Tingvoll, Norway) while the factory was still in function.
Industrial designer Marit Linberg adapted the image to be translated on fabric using advanced weaving technology (based on the same principles used by Chinese weavers for four thousand years ago). Perhaps “Fist” is one of the most fun projects you may encounter in Matchbox-category.

Now Sellgren Veveri As has turned into a ghost. There are a few workers that still work at the factory, but most of the machinery was moved to another place far away. Part of the facility has already been leased out to a motorcycle club, while the rest is but a repository.
Within a few years this place has been deprivated of more than one hundred years of history, knowledge and experience.
Who pays the bill?