Superzero contains Paolo Manfredi‘s files (take also a look to COLOPHON).

During the last decade I have worked as artist and curator on issues concerning society and the development of art in late post-modernity, of consumerism as today’s spiritual dimension and of globalization as the reversal of geography.

I was the director and curator of Tingvoll kunsthall (The Art Space in the Middle of Nowhere, Norway 2007-8) an experimental gallery project focusing on the location of culture in today’s globalized world.

Earlier I have been working for over two decades on tradition in art because I thought Art is a set of phenomena shaped by living stories, techniques and opportunities deeply rooted in time. And yes, back then I was sure that the key to understanding our contemporaneity relied on in knowing the past.

Later on, this led me to discover the dissociation between the artist, the public and the art world – and the dysfunctional relationship between conventions in art and everyday life – something I had perceived all the time.

After the experiences of Aperto, the art scene seems now to be a self-referential play among people belonging to a given social class.
The next ten years are devoted to avoid making art of any kind. Life is much more than “strictly speaking” art